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If you are looking for weekend getaways in NC, a charming bed-and-breakfast in Asheville is a perfect fit. You can hike the Appalachian Trail or drive the Blue Ridge Parkway to view gorgeous fall foliage, then head to the quaint downtown area for dinner. GPS. Last year, a basic GPS navigation system cost $150. Now, low-end models are going for $50, and basic systems from industry leaders, such as Garmin and TomTom, are $100. So what's a thousandaire to do? With beauty, there's probably never been a better time to make the best of things. Drugstore shelves are now full of products with top-notch ingredients and pigments that deliver results once promised only by pricier brands. And with a few smart strategies, there's no reason you can't look like money—regardless of the value of the dollar. The Power of $18You needn't resort to buying "gently used" cosmetics on eBay. Today, drugstores are chockablock with bargains that don't look, feel, or smell like cheap goods. Makeup artist Troy Surratt shares his favorites for $10 and under. A safe is one of the best places to hide things. Good ones can't be broken into or bypassed, at least not by the average burglar. If you get one, try hiding it under a pile of clothes or clutter so it is not easily seen. It should also be completely solid. Burglars can slide a skinny tool through the middle of pole that isn't solid and use that to lift the pole up. It can be done quickly and easily. This goes for any pole you use to lock an entryway in your home, including windows. What's Cheap Now? 'Tis the season to find some really great deals. Try putting them up around your entire home instead so that no matter where a person walks in your yard, a light comes on. The number of lights you need depends on the size of your property. Just make sure the width of one light meets the next one. Three words should become your motto for frugal landscaping: Do it yourself. If you aren't prepared to get a little dirty and sweaty, you'll have to pay the premium for professional help. For instance, a zinnia that you pay $3 for to plant yourself will cost around $12 if installed by a landscaper [source: Archer ]. There may be some jobs that are too big or complex for one person, but when you're brainstorming goals for your landscaping project, think about what you can do alone and when you might need to call in the pros. Also, consider asking for help from friends or family who might be willing to share the workload in exchange for dinner or a favor. Your mailbox provides a lot of information to a thief. Mail has personal information inside of it that thieves can use to steal your identity, but even the envelopes can be used against you. Just by learning a parent's first name, criminals can get TEENs to listen to them by suggesting mom or dad sent them. Additionally, if your mailbox is piled with mail, burglars may assume that you're on vacation. Save up to 76% Subscribe to Kiplinger's Personal Finance. For doors with an external lock, such as those found on a shed, bolt cutters are a thief's best friend. Unfortunately, they often have them on hand. The good news is that you can make it hard enough to cut through a lock that they might just give up. Determine the height for the scaffolding and slide the ends of the board between the appropriate rungs. The board must be level or the ladders can tip over. Dreamy Savannah has plenty of options to keep your getaway affordable. The historic district is home to many restaurants, shops and free attractions, such as Forsyth Park. The city is very walkable, so you can save money on taxis by staying just outside the historic district. Looking like a million bucks doesn't have to mean spending that much. Here, the best tricks for saving cash without sacrificing style. Talk about schadenfreude. When The New York Times recently ran an article on how the ultrawealthy were tightening their belts, it soared up the most-emailed list. Millionaires sneaking into Sotheby's to sell estate jewelry; trophy wives deliberately rescheduling for times they know their pricey trainers aren't available—ha! But once we finished rolling our eyes at their methods, we had a thought: Maybe the rich aren't so different from you and me. It's one thing to fall on hard times, but no one wants to look it. There are many opportunities for finding free resources that can assist you with landscaping. Yet sometimes, it makes more sense to spend some extra cash. First, consider the quality of the plants that you're about to purchase. If you're shopping at a garden center in a large retail store, the plants may be a few bucks cheaper than a mom-and-pop nursery. Yet that savings may translate to a weaker plant. Smaller nurseries may have more robust plants and salespeople with more expertise on maintenance. For another alternative, you can find out where local landscapers get their plants and supplies. Health Science Home & Garden Auto Tech Culture Money Lifestyle Entertainment Adventure Animals Reviews Quizzes. Working on high structures such as walls, ceilings, and siding may be impossible without using a scaffold. Using a single extension ladder and moving it from location to location is not safe and time consuming. When working on high structures such as walls, ceilings, windows and siding, it's best to use a scaffolding. Many people do not use scaffolding because it's expensive and requires a lot of room to store. People do not realize you can build your own scaffolding and save money. The easiest and simplest way to make scaffolding is with two multipurpose extension ladders and a wooden board. This makes the work environment safer and saves you time and energy. Alternatively, consider investing in furniture that makes concealing valuables easier. For instance, some over-the-door mirrors open into a convenient jewelry case that isn't obvious to burglars in a hurry. Whatever you choose, by making burglars have to search for your valuables, you make it more likely that they'll give up before finding them. On a similar note, smart security systems allow you to control various security features remotely. You can double-check locks, set alarms, change the temperature setting and more depending on the system you choose, and all from your smartphone. "The Value of Plants and Landscaping." American Nursery & Landscapers Association. (Dec. 8, 2008). In fact, some people even purchase cheap decoy cameras to fool criminals without the expense. You may think that this will do no good, but the sight of a camera is usually enough to get criminals to back away. You are less likely to be burglarized if the thief thinks he will get caught. Have you ever tried to open a door that is blocked by those little rubber stoppers? If so, you know it is nearly impossible to do. A burglar would, at the very least, make a lot of noise trying to get in. If a burglar really wants to get into your home, odds are that the person will get in. However, there are many cheap or free ways to make the job more difficult. Thieves tend to take the path of least resistance, so if they find it too hard to get into your house, they might very well move onto the next one. Check out these wallet-friendly security tricks for quick and easy ways to make your home more secure. It will take a while before you determine what you actually prefer, but it's worth thinking about some of the big-picture options now. Do you want a mountain bike or a road bike? Figure skates or hockey skates? Hotel rooms. "Hotels are hurting," says Scott Booker, of Hotels.com, "so we're seeing deals across the board." On the site we found a 10%-to-30%-off winter sale on rooms at New York City's three-star Hotel Belleclaire: Weekday rates in December are as low as $95 per night, and in January and February rates are less than $90 and $110 per night, respectively. Discounts on trips to Cancun don't end with the airfare. Hotels.com lists a 30%-off sale at the three-star, all-inclusive Oasis Palm Beach Family Resort and Spa. In January, a family of four can stay for $182 per night, including all meals and snacks; unlimited Mexican beer, wine and liquor; gratuities, surfboards and golf greens fees. The warehouse club giant's holiday shopping deals don't stop with Black Friday. It has plenty of hot deals for Cyber Monday, too, and some of them inc. . A compost bin is a free source of soil-enriching material. "The Dirt on Budget Landscaping." DIY Network. (Dec. 8, 2008). Try splitting up your landscaping project into manageable tasks. Grant, Kelli B. "Cheap Landscaping Tricks." Smart Money. March 24, 2006. (Dec. 8, 2008). Get our Free E-newsletters Get our Free E-newsletters. .


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