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Activate and hold the button to confirm that you're human. Thank You! CUSTOM WWII Opel Blitz covered wagon RK out of LEGO bricks. CUSTOM WW2 Pak 40 with soldier made of LEGO bricks. CUSTOM WW2 SdKfz 124 Wehrmacht Tank Wespe out of LEGO bricks. The main weapons developments prior to WW1 were in machine guns and rapid-fire field artillery guns. The modern machine gun developed in the 1880s and 1890s was a belt-fed gun capable of firing 600 bullets per minute at a range of more than 900m. Development in field artillery saw improved breech loading guns incorporating recoil mechanisms, preventing guns lurching out of position after each shell. For example the French 75mm field gun remained in position enabling sustained firing on a target without readjustment. Machine guns and rapid-firing artillery, when used in combination with trenches and barbed wire entanglements, gave an advantage to defence being able to decimate a frontal assault. CUSTOM WW2 SdKfz 251-1 Ausf.C with soldier made of LEGO bricks. CUSTOM WW2 PzKpfw III Ausf.J with soldier out of LEGO bricks. It takes hours and hours to create the building instructions you find in our shop and we need expensive software to achieve this quality. As commercial traders, we also have to pay VAT, income tax and trade tax. Please remind the fact that we have to provide our families with the sale of models and building instructions. Because we cannot live by air and love alone. All brick parts are made using high quality premium durable BPA Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks. The UN Peacekeeper taskforce is an organization that is supported by over 100 member states. 18 custom stickers NAPOLEONIC WAR - FRENCH ARMY - lego torso size. CUSTOM WW2 Tank Marder III Ausf.M with soldier out of LEGO bricks. Here you find our offer for Custom WW2 Models of the german Wehrmacht. CUSTOM WW2 SdKfz 222 with 20mm KwK out of LEGO bricks. CUSTOM WW2 StuG 3 Ausf.A Tank with soldier made of LEGO bricks. United Bricks, 26d King St, Castle Douglas, DG7 1AA,. "LEGO technology" is to become the latest topic. We force all our minds on this subject to be able to offer you incredible LEGO technic instructions. Furthermore we are looking forward to working with the well-known LEGO technology builder "Effermann". Together we will revive the LEGO technology division. We are already looking forward to many new LEGO technic contacts. WW2 British Army Bren Crew Member (Mid-late war). Feldkanone Kanone Piraten imperial pirates cannon "Napoleon" MOC Lego - 2 Stück. With the commemoration of the 100 years of the start of the Great War, young people are getting engaged to tell their stories in school projects around the country from photos and letters found in the attic, to spoken stories handed down. These projects are fascinating, appealing and rich in content and memories. How can you tell your own story and leave a legacy. CUSTOM WWII SdKfz 251-9 Ausf.C with soldier out of LEGO bricks. CUSTOM WW2 Tank 38T with Soldier made of LEGO bricks. Disclaimer: LEGO the Minifigures, and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies, which do not sponsor, endorse or authorise our products. CUSTOM WW2 Elephant tank with soldier made of LEGO bricks. CUSTOM WW2 SdKfz 7 with soldier out of LEGO bricks. Historically Faithful WW1 Trenches & Battlefields for use with Minifigures. CUSTOM WW2 Pak 40 with soldier made of LEGO bricks. CUSTOM WW2 SdKfz7-1 with Flak38 and soldier made of LEGO bricks. CUSTOM WW2 Opel Blitz + Nebelwerfer and soldier made of LEGO bricks. Over the years, we have been able to expand our range of products and cover a wide range of topics such as City, WW2, Bundeswehr, Modular Houses, Models, CB Architecture. We are very proud of the fact that we and Lothar Michel were able to conclude a contract with the THW. Now we are allowed to distribute THW models and their logos. CUSTOM WWII SdKfz 250-1 - Old version with soldier out of LEGO bricks. .

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