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Five Money Scams to Watch Out for on Craigslist Jackson, TN. This is happing rite now the guy sent me a check.. I felt like it was a scam but the check came from bank I called the issuing bank and they verified the account and funds were there.. so I deposit check and the next day guy says his daughter was in fatal accident and he needs part of the money. Back and he can not. Buy puppy cuz his daughter is dying then he text back and says ok just send me $1000 by money order or western union he needs it to save her life so I then said I will credit the money back to the original account and bank the money was sent to me.. he said no he need money order or western union he sent photos of "himself and daughter" he text today and says they told him if he does not have the $1000 his daughter will die. How Tracy Chapman Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million. How to Link to PayPal With a Canadian Bank Account. A Closer Look at The 2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660. Using phony government loans as a front for an advance fee scam, the crooks issue bogus grant checks, then tell victims they must pay a fee by reloading their debit cards. And that's not the only new tactic being employed by the grant scam artists, as we explain in this issue. Let's get started. NEW: Crooks Use Green Dot Scam for Advance Fee Fraud. The GreenDot card from MoneyPak works with PayPal so you can make online purchases. Major retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS/Pharmarcy, Rite Aid and other locations allow you to load cash onto a GreenDot MoneyPak card. Depending on the retailer, you can put up to $1,100 on the GreenDot MoneyPak card. You can also add funds to PayPal to make online purchases. Setting up the GreenDot MoneyPak card is a simple process done through your PayPal account. Time to conclude for today -- have a great week!. New: Crooks Use Green Dot Scam for Advance Fee Fraud. A scammer calls pretending to be the IRS and says you owe taxes. They might threaten to arrest you unless you pay using a MoneyPak. Someone calls claiming to be your utility company and says you're overdue on a payment. They might threaten to turn off your power unless you send the money using a MoneyPak. At least the people involved in this scam were creative instead of reproducing one of the same old, tired scams that you hear about all the time. It involves an ad placed on the site telling people that select individuals may have, without their knowledge, been awarded a grant from a local telephone company that would help them upgrade all of their equipment. You'd be surprised how many people responded. When they did, they were told that they needed to make a deposit of $200, which would be handled through Green Dot Moneypak, in order to get the grant rolling. You would think most people would realize it's a scam at this point but the individuals responsible for the ad actually made a great deal of money by scamming people out of theirs, $200 at a time. Buy a MoneyPak at major retailers such as CVS or 7-Eleven, for a fee of up to $5.95, and add cash amounts generally from $20 to $500. Keep your receipt. Next, log onto. Return to your PayPal account. Now you can add money from the GreenDot MoneyPak card to your PayPal account. Turn the GreenDot MoneyPak over to the back side. Type the MoneyPak Number on the "Add Funds" Web page. Type the security characters you see in the security box. Click "Continue.". How to Setup Godaddy Mail on an iPhone. Why is the government not regulating MoneyGram to prevent thieves from using their services to steal from people. the thieves use it because they can get away with it. It's time for Law Enforcement to step in close MoneyGram till they start protecting their customers. A Closer Look at The 2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660. More MoneyPak scam variations exist, but the result is the same: You hand over funds to scammers in a way that's difficult to track. And once someone uses your MoneyPak number, you can't reverse the transaction or receive a refund from Green Dot. You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. You can also report it to the Washington State Attorney General. This just happened to me. .was it a golden doodle that you were getting? The More You Use Social Media The More Depressed You are, Study Says. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning consumers of a dangerous and growing swindle called the "check overpayment" scam, now the fifth most common telemarketing fraud and the fourth most common Internet scam reported. In the check overpayment scam, the person you are doing business with sends you a check for more than the amount they owe you, and then instructs you to wire the balance back to them. Or, they send a check, and tell you to deposit it, keep part of the amount for your own compensation, and then wire the rest back for one reason or another. The results are the same: the check eventually bounces, and you're stuck, responsible for the full amount, including what you wired to the scammer. Typical victims include persons selling something over the Internet, being paid to do work at home, or being sent "advance winnings" in a bogus sweepstakes. The checks in this scam are fake, but they look real enough to fool most bankers. The FTC offers the following tips for avoiding the check overpayment scam: Know who you're dealing with– independently confirm your buyer's name, street address, and telephone number. If you're selling something over the Internet, say "no" to a check for more than your selling price, no matter how tempting the plea or convincing the story. There is no legitimate reason for someone who is giving you money to ask you to wire money back. More advice on how to be on guard against Internet fraud is available Consumers are asked to report check overpayment scams to their state Attorney General, the National Fraud Information Center/Internet Fraud Watch, a service of the National Consumers League at or 1-800-876-7060, or the FTC or 1-877-FTC-HELP. Think I'm dealing with same people but name is Camille and John ried, weird spelling, haven't paid anything just asked for money to be paid to shipper when asked was going to use the I'll fly out there to pick up as I have plenty miles see what happens but thanks as might be same people I noticed white long finger nails and looked around found same pic with diamond ring and diamond bracelets the same in other pics with different names so might be. I emailed spokan police see what they might know, thanks a lot. BEWARE OF MONEY PAK SCAM - Tuscaloosa - Craigslist. A Craigslist post was made scammed on Craigslist help - Yahoo Answers. I'm pretty sure I got scammed on Craigslist help - Yahoo Answers. Email this craigslist 3720813652 <tbx3z-3720813652job. I'm pretty sure I got netspend vanilla reload - Craigslist. I'm pretty sure I got scammed on Craigslist help - Yahoo Answers. I'm pretty sure I got scammed on Craigslist help - Yahoo Answers. The most common MoneyPak scams occur when purchasing stuff on Yahoo Answers. Sell them on Craigslist. Dec 30 2013 the last days are here yall for Yahoo Answers in 14 lets go out in a cash explosion take all we can get in. Submit a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, which collects fraud reports nationwide. You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at The online complaint system will prompt you to answer a few questions and at the end, you will have an opportunity to express in your own words what happened. You can copy and paste the text message there in that notes section. Thanks. I just fell for something like this. Now were out avout $600. This is real people. I did some research and this lady has been doing this for months. Her name is alicia walker she is from spokane washington her number is 253-256-2354 i found an ad for a teacup yorkie puppy she said it was free that i had to pay $350 for shipping and then another $200 for the crate and insurance. We really need to stop these people. MoneyPaks are used to top up existing Green Dot debit cards. The victim sends details of the card to the "broker." These are used to top up the crook's own Green Dot card -- and then quickly drained at an ATM. In other words, it's a money transfer that bypasses the traditional cash-wiring companies and offers a far more effective cloak of anonymity for the advance fee scammers. But There's More. To add to the effectiveness of this con, the grant scam artists use another trick to delay their discovery. They use "legitimate" checks from active verifiable bank accounts -- either stolen or forged. 20 Odd Rules Hells Angels Members Have to Follow. 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